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Esparza Pest Control’s lawn services have a seasonal approach to lawn care. Our custom formulas provide your lawn with nutrients it needs to thrive in the various seasons. We believe that mowing, watering and fertilization are critical to the performance and quality of a lawn. Without all three working together, a lawn cannot reach its maximum potential.

Our Lawn Care Services include:


  • Provides an even distribution of natural based fertilizer to lawns.
  • Fertilizer combines a fast-release and slow-release along with natural and synthetic organic nitrogen sources that will provide your lawn with a steady growth rate and consistent color throughout the growing season.

Insect Control:

  • Inspection – Our trained technicians will inspect our customers’ lawn for damaging insects on every fertilization visit.
  • Identify the type of insect causing damage and determine an appropriate treatment. We apply insecticides on a curative basis only. We believe that applying insecticides on a preventative basis is in the best interest of our customers and the environment.

Weed Control:

  • The best defense against weeds is a healthy, dense turf grass which is the objective behind our fertilization program.
  • If necessary, we will apply a pre-emergent herbicide, along with the fall and spring applications of fertilizer. This will control the number of weeds that can grow in your lawn. Post-emergent herbicides may also be applied on an as-needed basis.

Disease Control:

  • Inspection – Our trained technicians will inspect your lawn for turf grass diseases on every fertilization visit. Common turf diseases are:
    • Brown patch: a fungus that is mainly an aesthetic problem.
    • We apply a fungicide to the affected areas for brown patch control. The fungicide must be applied in two applications spaced 30-45 days apart during the fall season.
  • Gray leaf spot on St. Augustine grass or Bermuda grass leaf spot.
    • These diseases are uncommon and do not require preventative control.
    • Should our technicians notice a disease on the lawn, then diagnosis and treatment options will be brought to the attention of the customer.

Tree and Shrub Care:

Providing one deep root feeding (Spring) with a time released fertilizer and four insect and disease applications to help control insects and disease problems that occur throughout the growing season on ornamental trees and shrubs.

If you would like to have a beautiful green lawn, contact the Harlingen lawn care experts of Esparza Pest Control at 956-887-1237.