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Pest Control Services

The Pest Control professionals at Esparza Pest Control provides an invaluable service as “Guardians” of public health in the places their customers live, work, and play. Esparza Pest Control professionals understands which pests threaten human health and how to best control them to reduce the dangers they pose to people. Some pests are a nuisance, while others can be more serious. Pests can spread disease or cost your workplace big money in lost patronage and revenue.

The following pests are the most commonly identified in an urban setting.


Cockroaches travel through filthy environments and pick up disease-causing organisms on their bodies that can be mechanically spread to humans and their food. High populations of cockroaches exacerbate asthma symptoms, particularly in children and the elderly.According to the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, cockroach allergens have a greater impact on asthma symptoms, especially in inner cities, than dust mites or pet allergens. The cockroach is considered a serious health concern.

TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS for COCKROACHES A direct injection of insecticide into walls and voids of a structure to eliminate the pest problem at it’s source. An insecticide treatment within the interior perimeter of the building by treating along the baseboards, under tables and chairs, and under appliances where cockroaches travel. Other recommendations to eliminate the cockroach problem include: Implementing a good sanitation program, caulking and sealing holes, trapping stations placed in specific sites to monitor future pest activity.


Rodents (mice and rats) inhabit buildings and destroy food and property with losses reaching millions of dollars annually. Rodents are mostly responsible for the gnawing damage on the insulation of electric cables exposing wires which can short circuits and ignite fires. Rodents are responsible for many diseases affecting public health. Salmonella food poisoning is caused by numerous species of bacteria which are intestinal parasites found in rodents. Infected rodents transmit salmonella to humans by contaminating food with their urine and feces. Rodents and their fleas are also carriers of diseases such as, flea borne Typhus.

TREATMENT RECOMMENDATIONS for RODENTS Strategically placed rodent bait stations and glue traps is an effective Esparza Pest Control method to eliminate the rodent problem. Rodent bait stations are baited with rodenticide that are highly attractive to mice and rats. The bait station it self is tamper proof and inaccessible to children and pets.

Other recommendations to eliminate the rodent problem include: Removing sources of food and water to reduce the attractiveness of the property to rodents.

Securing trash covered containers to prevent rodents from accessing food waste. Regular pruning of tree branches and vines to deny rodents access to roof tops. Sealing holes and other potential entry points into the building. Regular monitoring of rodent trapping stations for any indications of future pest activity in the immediate area of the property.

Scavenger birds, such as, grackles, pigeons, and sparrows are capable of blocking rain gutters with their nesting material, feathers, and carcasses causing water leakage and overflow. Areas inhabited by scavenger birds need continual cleaning, repainting, and external repairs which translates into high building maintenance costs. *Scavenger birds are rarely implicated in specific instances of human disease but fecal contamination in out door food establishments is real possibility. Bird droppings (fouling) can lead to the growth of several types of fungi that can be transmitted through the air, via micro-fine bird fecal matter, and cause serious respiratory diseases.


Implementation of various contraptions such as, exclusion nets, and bird wire to make window sills and roof tops uninhabitable for all species of birds. Other recommendations to eliminate a scavenger bird problem include: Secure trash covered containers to prevent scavenger birds from accessing waste food. Remove sources of food and water to reduce the attractiveness of the property to birds. Prohibit the feeding of birds on the property. Regular pruning of tree branches can discourage birds from using the trees on the property as roost sites.

Our professional technicians¬† from Esparza Pest Control utilizes a scientifically based approach to pest control. The various tactics and methods to manage pests problems in urban areas ensures the safety and well being of it’s inhabitants and the desired quality of life.