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Is the Rio Grande Valley easily exposed to Bed Bugs?

The weather in the Rio Grande Valley is conducive to having bed bugs. It is very common to find bed bugs in hotels and apartment complex because of people moving from place to place. Home owners are not excluded to exposure of these types of insects. If you have problems with bed bugs do not […]


Your backyard and patio areas can be your oasis… a place to entertain and enjoy friends, hold family gatherings or to savor the rare moment when your own personal solitude has priority over the rest of the world. Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your special moment. These annoying insects not only bite but, are capable of […]

The Carpet Beetle!!!

The four most important and most common species are the black carpet beetle (Attagenus mezatoma) shown here, the varied carpet beetle (Anthrenus verbasci), the common carpet beetle (Anthrenus scrophulariae), and the furniture beetle (Anthrenus flavipes). The adults feed primarily on pollen and nectar and can be found on outdoor plants during the summer. They are […]

Bees !!!

Bees (a lineage within the superfamily Apoidea) are flying insects, closely related to wasps and ants. There are approximately 20,000 species of bees, and they may be found on every continent except Antarctica. Bees are adapted for feeding on nectar and pollen, the former primarily as an energy source, and the latter primarily for protein […]

Rodents in Mcallen

Rats, mice and other rodents can become a nuisance when they come in close proximity to humans. In addition to spreading disease to both humans and household pets, rodents can contaminate food sources and also cause property damage. If you have severe rodent infestation, whether seasonal infestation or yearlong infestation, know that it is entirely […]

Swarming Termites in McAllen

Year after year around summer time, termites starts swarming because of the heat on south texas. Here in The Rio Grande Valley, termites are very common and you could see them while they are swarming. If you see termites swarming around your home, contact the mcallen pest control experts from Esparza Pest Control at 956-887-1237

National Vs Local Pest Control

According to the consumer affairs, this is a real testimony. Orkin bought out my local pest control company after five happy years. After two months, I received a bill from Orkin for annual contract renewal, $130 on 1/30/2012. On 2/6, I sent a check. On 2/11, I called Orkin office and they advised that check […]

Pest Control is your best choice

Advantages of Contracting  Esparza Pest Control ∙ Esparza Pest Control (EPC) has been in business over 50 years and is dedicated to serving the Rio Grand Valley from Laredo to Brownsville. ∙ Esparza Pest Control professionals are well trained and experienced. We are also required to attend continuing education courses to stay abreast with the […]

Cockroaches are very hard to eliminate them.

A cockroach is a pest often found in people’s homes. The average adult cockroach is about 1/2″ long, and smaller when young. It has a flattened, oval shape and long feelers. The most common kind in the South Texas of United States is the German cockroach, which is light brown with two black stripes behind […]

Termite Season in South Texas

Around this time in South Texas, change of weather from hot to cold, from dry to wet, that means termite season. This past year has reportedly been one of the busier termite swarm seasons for pest control companies. If you experience a flight of dark, winged insects with bodies just over 1/8-inch long, don’t ignore […]

Winter season is pest season

This holiday season, you may find yourself welcoming guests into your home, but you should look out for unwanted visitors. According to the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), an estimated 21 million rodents head inside homes at this time of year to escape the winter chill and find new sources of food. These pests can […]

Fires in Texas may bring along pests

Recent fire breakouts in Texas may bring potential outlook for pests. An article on Pest Control Technology.com shows that wildfires induce dead organisms to foster colonization. Wildfires provide pests with excessive food conditions and will therefore promote a growth in population. Species with small body size such as rodents will disperse especially when they find […]

Pest control technician arrested for theft

Edward Peterson, a former employee of Massey Pest Control in Florida, was arrested for stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry from customer’s homes. Detectives say the man was spraying a customer’s home when he stole approximately $5,000 worth of gold jewelry from the bedroom. Investigators later found that this would not be the first […]

Black market pesticides

A Dominican Republic manufactured pesticide is being investigated by the government after officials discovered it was being sold in Chinatown on the black market. Tres Pasitos or Three little steps, a granular product was named so because of its claim to kill pests three steps after coming in contact with the product. Although it is […]

Bed bugs and insecticides

A total of 111 illnesses associated with bed-bug related insecticides were reported in seven states between 2003 and 2010 according for the Centers for Disease and Prevention. The truth is that bed bugs do not transmit disease or cause illness, but the insecticides used to kill them do. This can place you and your family […]

Texas Drought Causing East Texas Bug Infestations

Bugs in the summer time are not uncommon in East Texas, but with this year’s drought conditions, homeowners are seeing more bugs and more variety. Some residents have been seeing bugs that are not native to our land. One extermination company was reportedly sending bugs they found to entomologists to find out what some of […]

Bedbug Infestation In The Austin Area

August 2011 marked a year of Austin’s housing authority spending almost $40,000 in a year in efforts to eliminate bedbugs that have continuously been a problem in 15 of 19 facilities. Austin American-Statesman interviewed Sylvia Blanco of Austin’s housing authority who reported that they’ve been treating this issue for nearly a year. As of August […]